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Transplanted companies operating in the U.S. or manufactruers using machines purchased from overseas often have documentation in the original language. In this case, software either has no comment documentation in it, or it is in the original language and cannot be read by your maintenance staff.

Praxis offers a complete translation service for industrial documentation from any language into English. Praxis specializes in industrial translation and, when applicable, will imbed the English translation in the automation software.

Translation of industrial documentation requires an extra step of proofreading. Often (especially in Asian languages) there are no universal terms for "push button," "E-stop," "Axis," "Inverter," "selector switch," or "Alarm." Once a translation is complete, it is proofread against the machine's electrical drawings, panel display and other sources.

Once finished, the English translation delivered to you in electronic documentation form. In some cases, the English translation can be added to comments and descriptions in PLC programs as well. Backup copies of the finished work are kept on file for you at Praxis.

We prefer electronic documents, but can handle print only (at an added cost). Please contact Praxis for a free estimate






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