Outsourced Services: Extra help when needed

Praxis Automation offers short term help for companies who have too many jobs to cover, and too few people to cover them. "Outsourced services" include:

  • Supplemental support and field customer service for machine builders and integrators
  • Customer support for controls manufacturers
  • Automation programming for machine OEMs
  • Post sales support for automation distributors and reps.

Praxis offers supplimental engineering services to system integrators and machine builders who need temporary programming support from time to time. Praxis is not a system integration company, nor does it do turn-key projects. Praxis provides services to those who do.

Praxis Automation is available to suppliment your manpower needs for those times when opportunities outweigh your available resources. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will see if we can arrange an outsourced solution for you.





The Troubleshooter

Call Praxis when you need a "hired gun."

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