We Specialize in Mitsubishi Automation Products

If you are a Mitsubishi user, Praxis offers full support for your systems.

Though Mitsubishi is the "Allen Bradley" of Asia, it is not well known in the U.S. This is unfortunate because the power and quality of Mitsubishi's systems is truly remarkable.

If you are a subsidiary of a Japanese company, or own machinery with Mitsubishi controls, Praxis can be your best option for support. For Mitsubishi users, we offer the following services:

  • Programming and configuration support
  • On-site field support & emergency field service
  • Specialized training on Mitsubishi systems
  • Backup and documentation services
  • Upgrade services for F and A series PLCs, Drives, Servos, GOT and Software
  • Finding parts and supplies through a nationwide network of distributors



The Troubleshooter

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