Program Documentation & Backups...What's in your file cabinet?

It is essential to keep back up copies of all programs and configuration for industrial controls. Every PLC, every touch-screen, every drive or servo configuration must be current. Without current backups, downtime expands from a matter of hours to weeks.

Often, the backups provided with the machine at delivery do not include the tweeks and modifications done at startup. So even the backups you have may not reflect what is actually running in your machines. These changes, and any others that have not been backed up, can be lost if the original "as built" is loaded.

Praxis offers a documentation and backup service to give you the tools you need to restore your automation line in case of a loss of its programs. Praxis will come on-site at your facility and do the following:

  • Read and save programs from your controls
  • Add documentation comments from drawings into the programs
  • Add user manuals to the backup CD
  • Deliver a CD containing your documented backups
  • Store a copy of your backup in our archives in case yours is lost



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